Embrace Who You Are. Transmute Limitations.

You know you are here for a reason.

Beyond (and through) your thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences there are treasures awaiting.

Your heart already knows there is so much more to you beneath the surface layers.

Your physical, emotional, and mental, and spiritual experiences are gateways to freedom, peace, and alchemy.

By facing the many layers of yourSelf you can transmute what is holding you back and more fully claim and express who you are, and why you're here.

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My time with Cristin was imperative to my soul journey.   Cristin assisted with in-depth exploration of parts of my Being not yet fully exposed. My vulnerabilities became more apparent through EFT tapping and Cristin sat with me fully while past experiences and feelings became apparent.

Cristin has a gentle approach, while still holding me accountable for processing through what no longer serves.  She validates and supports in more ways than simply during the scheduled meeting time.  She was fully available and reached out with respectful and caring correspondence.

I will continue to work with Cristin in any way that serves the evolution of my soul path.   I believe she was brought into my life by a higher universal purpose.

Much Gratitude.

Michelle (Boise, ID)