I see the Light that you are.

You are a unique gift from God, and you have access to your heart’s desires.

Connect with your heart and feel the love available to you.

You have so much to offer this world and yourSelf, just by being you.

Yes, I know you may still experience self-doubt, frustration, and confusion.

Whatever you are experiencing, greater embodiment of your soul potential is available.

The journey of continuing to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration is calling.

Do you feel it too?

Education and Professional background:

  • B.A. in Communication from University of Arizona
  • Graduated from Coaches Training Institute in 2006
  • EFT Tapping student since 2005, Practitioner since 2006
  • Metatronia Therapy Practitioner since 2015
  • Empowered Energetics Practitioner since 2016
  • Innumerable workshops, retreats, trainings to expand consciousness and amplify healing, including Evolutionary Dialogue and Reiki.
  • Actively doing Coaching, Guiding and Energy work with clients since 2006

A bit of more of my story…

As a child and young woman I was always trying to pinpoint my purpose in life, I felt like I was here to make an impact but couldn’t identify what that meant. In 1998 I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Communication and had engaged myself in advertising and sales. While quite successful, I often felt something was missing. Life has a way of redirecting you when your soul is calling you deeper…so after a divorce in 2003 I catapulted my personal and spiritual journey by going to intense personal retreats, studying a wide variety of texts, and traveling as far as half way around the world. In more recent years my attention has shifted and I’ve gained greater faith and trust in the wisdom of my heart.

In 2006 I graduated from the Coaches Training Institute and officially began my life coaching practice in Boise, Idaho (and virtually across the U.S.). It was then when I truly began to awaken to my own gifts at helping people see what they previously couldn’t. It was also during this time I began working with and training in EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Over the years my work with this amazing tool has continued to grow and expand and I hold a sacred space for clients that allows for awakening, release, and transformation. I had finally come in greater alignment with my soul. Since then my life and work has continued to evolve and now I work with clients at a deeper soul and spiritual level.