Life & Soul Coaching


Life and Soul Coaching may be for you if you want to go deep within yourSelf and create a full transformation of your experience of life.  The circumstances of your life will likely change, although that is not the focus of my Coaching. The focus is to create huge shifts within yourSelf and how you are relating to your experiences.

We address emotional, mental, and physical, and spiritual issues, because they all are related. In the safe space we create, you unwind what is limiting your experience of life and expression of yourSelf.

Through the process of coaching, you begin to respond to yourSelf and the world around you completely differently. You free up more space and energy within yourSelf to create a life you love and live it the way you choose. You are fully grounded in the physical world, yet your awareness goes beyond it. 

Much of the work that is offered in this process is assisting you to bring your whole being into alignment with the Divine essence within you.

Sessions generally last about an hour and begin with a very short guided meditation, followed by a dialogue to address what is relevant for the client at that time. I then frequently use an alchemy method based on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Empowered Energetics to help bring harmony and expanded awareness to whatever is happening. The shifts that occur from this are extremely profound.

A lot of different things can happen in a session. My focus is always on empowering you to become more aware of your own inner wisdom and intuition so you may become more aware of your soul’s perspective and trust it. I have also been known to offer energy work, connect with loved ones who have passed on, connect with your soul essence, and offer a variety of insights and exercises that may be helpful for you on your journey.

Programs are customized and usually range between $250-$500/month, depending on frequency of meetings.

Contact with questions and availability.