Metatronia Therapy Session


I love offering these healing sessions to those who are led to experience this amazing energy!  It offers great amplification of your Light, unwinding of old patterns, and integration of your Soul awareness into your life. Everyone experiences the energy differently, depending on what is needed. All sessions are done remotely, so you can just lie down and receive. When I first received a session I surprised how palpable the energy was and how quickly shifts occurred in my life and continued to integrate over the next several weeks.

Below explains more about what Metatronia Therapy is and some of the possible benefits. I encourage you to breathe into your heart and yourSelf and feel if this is something you would like to experience.

Metatronia Therapy offers healing on all levels. It is involved in the Bioenergetics* (‘*energy flow through living systems’) – the Energy transformation with the human system from connection with multi-dimensional vibrational energy that is brought to us through Archangel Metatron. We are each our own Healer and Metatron opens us up to connect with our expanded vibrations and energy codings that assist the Human form/vessel/body in healing on many levels.

Metatron aligns, corrects and unwinds the perceptions of the mind that has perceived the self as separated and fragmented, and offers a quickened opportunity of re-alignment to the Light you are in Source energy.

Some of the Benefits of Metatronia Therapy, in summary, though not limited to, are:

  • Healing of the Mind and Alignment to the Divine Mind/Higher Heart of The One
  • Returning to Divine Creativity
  • Raising of Frequency & Vibration in Mind, releasing distorted thought patterns
  • Raising the Frequency & Vibration in the DNA to ignite the Higher Vibratory Expressions of the Soul Blue Print
  • In the Healing of the Mind, this often corrects distortions and ailments experienced in the physical body
  • In the raising of Frequency and Vibration in the Mind and Aligning to the Higher Heart, this often expands awareness that leads to the expanded awareness of the multi-dimensional self
  • Self Realization
  • Atonement
  • Raising the frequency and vibration in the Kundalini
  • Raising Vibration of Life Force
  • Release of ideas of Guilt & Separation, a return to Innocence
  • Freedom Actualized and Realized
  • Chakra Rebalancing, Realignment & Clearing
  • Cleansing & Restoration of Aura & EMF (Electromagnetic Field)
  • Feelings of being “plugged back in” and/or “re-booted”
  • Ancestral Healing in the DNA/RNA
  • Releasing from Karma and beyond that, Releasing the idea of Karma altogether, a return to Grace

Following Metatronia Therapy sessions, many begin to notice that many aspects of the self begin to alter, as your vibration and frequency are raised, your awareness expands, and more of the Light within you is revealed.

A shift in energy may be felt sometimes immediately and is a process of unwinding the mind. It is for you to choose the gift of alignment for it must be chosen for it to be accepted as you have free will.

The Therapy Sessions are painless, very soothing and very relaxing. During your session, you will lay down with eyes closed for 45-60 minutes. You may enjoy playing soft meditative music and candles during your session. No alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before or after your session please.

Following your session, please drink plenty of water to bring fluids into the body so that toxins can be released and to maintain proper hydration.

1 hour Remote session: $77.

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Clients are saying…

“What an amazing experience.  At the time it didn’t “feel” like anything.  I was not expecting anything, so just kept an open mind.  It was relaxing, and after a few minutes my left brain settled down and quit analyzing.  Afterwards I felt a little foggy in my head (forehead area) which has since subsided.  As I’m going through my day I don’t notice a change in energy levels, but I do notice a radical shift in thought patterns.  Noticeably missing is the negative self talk….LOVE THAT!!!!!”

“That was very very very awesome and healing, thank you so much. I experienced a lot of very deep brain and bone healing…”

“Wow! That was amazing.”

“I felt more relaxed all night. A weight lifted off me and chaos given an escape route would be the best description.”

Metatronia Attunements

For those who have already experienced a Metatronia Healing Session, the options of becoming attuned to the energy are below.

Healer Level 1 (Non-Active) and 2 (Active Healer):

This is the first of 2 attunements within the Metatronia Therapy Light Program.

Attunement to Non-Active Level 1, is for those wanting to work with Metatronia Therapy for themselves (for expansion/ascension), friends and family and not as a professional therapist.

Attunement to Level 2- Active Healer, allows you to heal & align others and to work as a professional therapist. Those electing for attunement to Level 2, as an active practitioner are required to obtain and carry liability coverage for energy healing.
Attunements are executed distantly.

There is a 30 day “detox” period for the energies to integrate before healing others. You will also receive a workbook to review before attunement. There is a question and answer form that must be completed prior to attunement. The questions are based off of the workbook that you will receive.

A certificate of completion, will be granted you following attunement.. One Metatronia Therapy Healing Session is to be completed before becoming attuned. Please note that there also is an application that must be completed and submitted prior to attunement being granted. I will email this to you as well as all supporting documentation upon receipt of payment.

“In your choosing of attunement to Metatron, you are choosing to be a receiver and transmitter of the Metatronic Codes of Consciousness to share with other-selves as an octave transformer, for alignment to The One Source.”

Fee for Attunement to Healer Level 1 & 2 is $111


Master Healer/Attuner:

Attunement to Master Healer is for those that have already been attuned to Healer Level 2 and have been working professionally as a therapist for at least 3 months. This allows you to heal others and also, to attune others to Metatronia Therapy. Attunements are executed distantly.

You will receive a workbook to review prior to attunment. There will be a question and answer sheet to complete prior to your attunement, just as there was for your Level 2 attunement. A certificate of attunement will be issued to you by the MTFOL.

Fee for Attunement to Master Healer Level 2 is $222